Celebrating innovation in fly tying


I started this website in 2007 on a whim. I figured out a way to showcase my flies using "old" technology that came out in 1985. I began inviting world class tyers that I had no business being in the company of to also showoff their flies in 3D views. The popularity of the site exploded and pretty soon I was overwhelmed. Lately the site has needed an update, especially in terms of technology.

The legacy website is available from the menu on the left. I had considered converting all of the old views and importing them into the new site but realized how many flies there are. As I receive "new" flies I will be adding them to the new site and format.

You can now bookmark individual flies. If there is a public video of that fly being tied, it can be included on that page.You can also zoom in on the details of a fly by holding down the Control button and using your mouse wheel. The site can be viewed on a mobile phone but I would advise against it because of file sizes.

My intent for this site is to feature innovative fly tying whether it be from the "Masters" or just some guy banished to the basement on a TV tray and a beer. If you see someone out there that is tying flies that should be on this site, please let me know.



Featured Fly - Eraser Scud, Orange